Prestige Aroma Wonders of Jasmine
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Prestige Aroma Wonders of JasminePrestige Aroma Wonders of Jasmine

Prestige Aroma Wonders of Jasmine - 250 ml

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  • Pleasant room aroma that refreshes the atmosphere thanks to the delicate scent of patchouli, lavender and vanilla. The combination of essential oils derived from famous Provence crops and the design of the bottle recalls the perfume colection of the beggining of the 20΄th century.
  • After opening the bottle, place the bamboo sticks into the essence. When the top of the sticks is dried (every few days), they must be reversed.

  • Do not place the aroma near sources of heat or air conditioning installations, this will lead to faster evaporation of the essence.

  • Aqua, Alcohol, Fragrance.

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    Quantity 250 ml
    Scents Wonders of Jasmine
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