Cooling spray for feet and legs
Cooling spray for feet and legsCooling spray for feet and legs

Cooling spray for feet and legs - 100 ml

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  • Refreshes, cools and boosts
    Take your feet on a revitalizing ride with SABON΄s cooling spray for feet and legs. This refreshing mentholspray immediately stimulates your senses. It is available in a travel format, so you can take the bottle anywhere. The cooling, wonderfully refreshing smelling spray is enriched with peppermint essential oil to intensify the cooling experience.

    Your skin will love it
    The 100% natural vegan formula means that one syringe is enough to enjoy the refreshing and cooling effect that wakes up even the most tiring traveller.


    Suitable for all skin types. Do

  • How to use the cooling spray plus a small tip
    The cooling spray is specially developed for the hot summer days, but also provides a boost for tired legs or sore feet. It΄s even available in a suitable travel pack, so you can carry it anywhere in your bag or backpack. For best results, spray a small amount over your feet and legs from a distance of 40cm and let it retract.

  • Do not apply on open wounds.

  • An alcohol based dew infused with Peppermint essentials oil and Menthol.

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