Royal Passport Regulations

The “Royal Passport” card is owned by SABON GERMANY GmbH.  


The SABON fidelity card can be given to any person who is a German, Dutch or Austrain citizen and over 18 years old.  


The SABON fidelity card can be obtained in, after filling in the subscription form. In order to receive the card, the owner must entirely fill in and sign the subscription form.

Incomplete forms or forms containing illegible or wrong information will be invalidated. The applicant receives the card immediately after paying the amount of 5 EUR representing the price for the card, and after filling in the special form.

Card possession is not conditioned by the purchasing of one or more products from the SABON stores.


Only one card is granted for each applicant.


After signing the form, the applicant has the benefit of 10% discount, offered through this program. Besides the 10% discount, the SABON „Royal Passport” card allows access to SABON card holders exclusive stores promotions.


You have the following advantages:

1. Always have 10% discount, for any purchase.

2. We choose a special product on a monthly basis, which we offer you with a minimum 20% discount.

3. You get an extra maximum 15% discount for most of the promotions.

4. We celebrate your anniversary through a special gift, available for 30 days since your birthday.

5. Royal Passport days - exclusive ULTRA discounts days, a couple of times annualy!

6. A card with benefits easy to use in stores and online.

7. You are the first to exclusively try new products and services.

8. You are the first to learn about our promotions and surprises.

9. Customer care at your service for any question.

10. Your information is secure.


As issuer, SABON GERMANY GmbH has the right to discontinue at any time the validity of the SABON “Royal Passport” card. This can be done only after a prior notice of at least 15 business days.

SABON GERMANY GmbH has the right to modify the regulations concerning the „Royal Passport” program, throughout the entire period of the program, without prior notice for the members and without their agreement, on condition that the modifications do not refer to the personal information of the customers.

By participating in this program, members agree to conform to the terms and conditions of these Regulations regarding “Royal Passport”.  



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